Fico Gutierrez, and the possibility of being recognized as "Uribe’s candidate"

As of Sunday night, Federico Fico Gutierrez is the most stable presidential candidate in Colombia. While it isn't the first time that his name is mentioned on electoral cards - he was an elected Medellin councilor and mayor - this is his first time to win a national vote. With over two millions votes cast in the Team for Colombia coalition alliance they see him as an ideal candidate for conservative groups and those who are concerned about a leftist presidency. Fico (Medellin 47 years old) who is popularly known, is, from last night and at the moment the most prominent opponent of Gustavo Petro, who with the Historic Pact movement was one of the winners of the day of elections that determined who would be the representative of the three main political forces.

The presidential campaign just began and the future of the former mayor of Medellin will hinge on the alliances he builds and the agreements he enters into. Not only will he be expected to bring all the right-wing forces under his leadership, but also must take on a portion of the electorate at the center which was deflated on Sunday without any remarkable leadership.érrez To do this, he will have to continue to avoid, just the way he has been with AlvaroUribe in the same image. Fico Gutierrez Today, for only the second time in the last 20 years, the open support of Uribism instead of adding could be a negative. "Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He must form an alliance with the Democratic Center (CD) - Uribe's party . But at the same time , he is going to have to persuade the center that it will have to decide where it's going," says Yann Basset, expert and professor at the University of Rosario.

In the process of forming an alliance with the CD in the region where uribism is concentrated, this Monday Fico has already achieved its first triumph. Fico Gutierrez The candidate of that party until this Monday, former president candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, took his leave, acknowledged his limited chances of competing with him and gave his support. The next step is to see whether the entire Uribismo who was not able to form a single candidate, supports him. Uribe is able to be a good example by being transparent and convincing his voters with classic issues that are typical of the Colombian Right. Already, his speech about "security" and "order" opportunities, and the love of the country showed he is adding votes. Similar to what he said during his stint in the Antioquia mayor's office He confirmed it in the consultation on elections. While in Arauca in Colombia, which is a particularly violent area Fico stated that "the bandits were in prison" or "in the grave". Fico knows what Colombian rights like but it's not enough.

Basset states that we are not in a time when the fear of a Left has worked as well. "This time the voters do not feel fear." Basset stresses that Fico may not be able to get Uribe's support due to the fact that Alvaro Uribe has not been able to claim the title of leader absolute from 2002, when the nation has elected him president. This does not mean that Uribismo's opinions, even if they do not match the criteria are not important to Gutierrez. Like was the case on Sunday, or when he tried to reach Medellin's mayor's office, Uribe supported Gutierrez even while he was a candidate for the party. Fico Gutierrez "This victory (winning the coalition) is in part due to Uribism. Basset warns that his ability to negotiate will be assessed. He has to convince the right but not spend all of it on the alliance. Andres Mesjia Vergnaud analyst, remarks on Fico's relationship with former president Uribe: "The great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez's desire to win the votes of Uribismo but without the photo of Uribe since it doesn't make sense for him to be his candidate."

Gustavo Petro, the leader of the left is the only one who can lead, but Gustavo Petro, the leader of the right, is in the race for the presidency. If Fico is able to convince him - in the event that it is possible, convinces him not to step aside and support his. Rodolfo Hernández who was independent, is still running. The former mayor of Bucaramanga, a builder and millionaire who has managed to position himself very effectively in the polls, thanks to his anti-corruption stance in a light-hearted language is one of the candidates Gutierrez must include on his list of achievements in order to win the fight to petrismo.

Gutierrez has a lot to sit down to negotiate before even considering names for his potential presidential plan, but what he already has is the backing of other candidates competing for leadership in the Team for Colombia coalition. This isn't a small number. He is surrounded by two former mayors, Enrique Penalosa (Bogota) and Alex Char (Barranquilla); the leader of the Conservative party, David Barguil, and a woman, Aydee Lizarazo, of a Christian party who typically votes judiciously as ordered from the lectern in his church.

The Conservative Party has been strengthened by receiving the biggest votes from right-wing parties with over two million votes. Furthermore the U Party has shown sympathy towards the Conservative Party. They also had an outstanding election, with just over 1 million votes, for the legislative. The backing of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who did not let many hours pass following the results of Sunday's elections in order to accept his defeat ahead of a possible battle for the right-wing votes, provides Fico a new push in a sector of conservatism and swayed Fico from votes that could be cast from the middle. Alvaro Uribe (ex-President) summoned his party for a meeting on Monday to find out if Fico might risk his chances of gaining a seat in the center in return for being openly felicitated by Uribe.

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